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  • I lean towards skunk. The first thing I noticed in the pic is that I thought the legs and hips were pretty small for a cat compared to the size of the tail (which would indicate a full grown cat, if it were a cat). I did an image search of skunks and learned that their black/white pattern isn’t uniform but varies a lot. The all black tail here is plausibly a skunk’s tail, I think

  • It’s neat hearing how Rowena communicates with her gaze/stare. I didn’t know cats could do that. It makes me want to experiment with putting cat treats on a shelf in plain sight of a cat and seeing if with a little training they would use gazing to communicate desire for treats. My last cat knew where the door was (to go outside on a leash) and that the cat treats were in the coffee table. They would hang around, paw at, and gaze/meow at me while adjacent to one of those objects to communicate their desire, either to go out or for treats. Whereas it’s obvious that cats have memory for location (e.g., food, litter), communicating with gaze really intrigues me

  • I wonder how much the cats reported on in this thread are interested in smelling human worn objects for the out-of-house smells the objects might pick up versus the smell of their human companions on those objects. We don’t do this much as humans compared to other animals but smelling can be used to identify an individual, and smelling the smell of an known individual who’s a positive relation can be pleasing