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  • There is a ton of ups and downs with this story in general. Rumors have been flying around for about two weeks now, so I am also confused. Some pro-Ukranian telegram channels have been broadcasting news about this heavily, some haven’t. It’s just odd.

    The media could be inflating rumors, which is possible. I think it’s also possible that this is part of a misinformation campaign to bait Russia into another poorly planned attack.

    The only reason why I even speculate about this being misinformation is that Russia has been openly broadcasting about another attack on Kyiv. If that is the target or not, a change in leadership is a good time to attack something. This news would accelerate troop movements to somewhere and could be tracked easily.

    This is just theory crafting, and it’s not a theory that I have read anywhere.

  • Sure, your statement is true. However, it is out of context and irrelevant to the point.

    The illusion is democracy and that the people are in control of their government. To make sure any election looks “fair”, you need a little bit of drama. Putin must have an opponent for this illusion to work.

    This has little to do with fear. If anything, it’s reducing fear in the populus by saying: “See! We are a democracy. The people still get to have their elections and here is an opponent to prove it.” The people are placated and life goes on. I have some fairly interesting theories about why the election is even allowed, but this is not the place for that speculation.

    (Didn’t Putin do a little prime minister shuffle a couple of years ago? The person who was temporarily president is proving to be just as toxic and is also calling for nuking the world, I believe.)

    Either the opponent gracefully loses, he gets thrown out of a window or gets a long vacation to some random corner of Siberia.

    If anything, it’s the illusion of hope that is more destructive than fear, in this case.

  • My take is that it’s part of how to control the population. If NK propaganda is constantly saying that the world is going to invade and that the country has to always be ready for war may help keep them subservient and conditioned to being without many material things. (If your government has to feed a war machine, the people will always need to “ration”.)

    The theory goes that most of the rhetoric isn’t actually aimed at everyone else. It’s just to show the people how strong their government is. The need to poke at Japan, for example, by killing innocent sea creatures every year. This forces SK and the US to perform our shows of force. NK can point and say: “See! The world hates us and is sending their military to get us!”. (They are only half right about that.)

    It’s an endless and stupid cycle. Fat man is going to eventually get drunk and push the wrong button or a missile is going to veer off target and hit something important one day.

    I suspect China will calm an escalation from the world and absorb NK when that happens. Or, China let’s the world turn NK into the biggest DMZ in history. (NK is an effective defensive buffer for China, is the reasoning.)

  • Very true.

    Assuming that Trump wins and somehow withdrawals us from NATO and only the EU fights Russia, there is going to be a ton of suck that is going to smack the US in the face after that, really quick.

    Here is a grim outlook, but is something that some right wing groups really want. It’s either a setup for a civil war or a dictatorship. Or both. This is a scenario, not what I believe will happen as it’s kind of extreme.

    Global trade is a real thing and many goods and services that Americans use are provided by the EU. A few major drug companies are based in Europe, so that is a start, so those are going to be the first to go if the EU withdrawals from any trade agreements.

    Many people don’t realize that a great number of components that the US uses for its weapons originate in the EU. This includes everything from missiles to basic components used in civilian firearms. (Gunpowder, primers, brass and bullets to name a few. It’s a lot. The US hasn’t fully recovered from the pandemic shortages in that regard, either.)

    China will likely put heavy restrictions on exports to the US in support of Russia. While this could be beneficial to the US in the long run, it will take years for the US to develop its own manufacturing to produce the quantity of cheap plastic disposable shit that Americans crave. Basic electronics prices will skyrocket since the availability of fake components will tank.

    Honestly, I could see the EU restricting business and exports to a much larger degree. Between the EU and China, they could completely tank the US economy and kill our stock markets. This will have global repercussions as the ouroboros must feed.

    This is a real end of the world kind of view, but the pandemic showed us how vulnerable global markets really are and how stupid humanity can get in some cases. It puts some absurd scenarios in very close proximity.

  • That is unsurprising as all naval lessons are written in blood and almost every weird rule was the result of mass casualties at one time. (When I was in the Navy, we used to say that ships required several gallons of blood a day, as a sacrifice, to run. Military ships are dangerous places, btw.)

    Where are you getting that bit of news though? It’s not something I have seen but I’ll keep an eye out for now. It’s absolutely predictable that the Chinese navy is going to have serious issues as they simply do not have the seafaring experience.

    I mentioned this a couple months ago, but their biggest issues are going to be with sailors that have been at sea for months at a time. There are songs about drunken sailors for a reason, is what I am saying.