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  • Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.worldtocats@lemmy.worldLittle demon
    17 hours ago

    Well, with a name like “Little Demon”, this ones on you. You should have seen that name at the shelter and said “Ya know what? I don’t have the time for Little Demon. I’ll adopt Snowball instead.”

    Don’t get me wrong, Snowball is a bigger psychopath than Little Demon, but you wouldn’t know that. Her full name is “Snowball’s chance in hell that your testicles survive”.

    It’s weird how we name cats after their violent tendancies in this universe.

  • HA! Jokes on you. I already saw this months sgo on youtube, because I commonly watch model train videos! Then one day youtube was like “You wanna see some model trains and cats?” And I said “YES PLEASE!”

    And then I watched a bunch of videos. Then I watched it again here. I’ll probably watch it again later.

  • I’m going to steal your cat.

    I’m going to break into your house. I’m going to ignore the tv. I’m going to ignore the jewelry. I’m going to ignore the video game systems. I’m going to ignore the safe. I’m going to ignore any cash you have out. I might pour a bowl of cereal. But mostly? I’m just going to steal your cat.

  • Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.worldtocats@lemmy.worldObserving the goings on
    7 days ago

    I get that same look on my face when I watch the news.

    “What the fuck are people doing these days???”

    And I know that statement sounds like I’m talking about the trump assasination attempt. But I’m just talking about EVERYTHING. The last 24 years. What the fuck are we doing as a species??? From 9/11, to the London bombings, to drone strikes, to the ukraine war, to the gaza situation, to eeeeeeverything trump has ever said, to the covid response globally, to anything else I may have missed.

    What the fuck are we doing???

  • Step 1) Get rid of your cat, and the littler box.

    Step 2) Vacume everywhere. You’ve heard that glitter is the herpies of the art world. Well, vacume like you’re about to go on the hottest of dates, and you don’t want your date to realise that your apartment has herpies. Ok, I lost track of the analogy almost immediately, but you get the point.

    Step 3) Fabreeze. Yeah, turns out it’s not just perfume in a bottle. I found out you can even buy non-scented fabreeze, which was the original, and it just neutralizes the scents in the air. It didn’t sell well, so they added the perfumes. But it still neutralizes the odors. So once the perfume scent fades, you’re still left with an apartment with less odor. A tactic I wish my neighbors would use. I swear at this point they’re creating new foods to be the selliest to cook.

    Here, have a raw fish, thats somehow cooking, mixed with old cheese, cigar smoke, grandpa farts, and skunk spray side dipping sauce.

    Anyways, my point is, if you have a cat, your home will smell like you have a cat. That’s just part of having a cat. Just like waking up every day, and having a cats asshole in your face as you wake up. No matter how many times you push her cat butt away and say “no cat butt!”, they’ll always start your day with a cat butt in your face.

    Have a cat, or have a home without cat smell. Your choice.

  • I once seen a pregnant cat sleeping and laying down in that position. A golden retriever puppy came over and started lapping up milk. The mom looked up like “Whaaa??? You’re not my…oh, whatever. Go ahead.”

    The cat ended up raising that puppy. Eventually that puppy grew to be a full sized young dog, but the cat didn’t care. She was still mama cat, and wouldn’t hesitate to cat slap that dog if she felt he was out of line. Despite being 10X bigger.

    I miss that cat. She would love you, but she took no shit either.